Sunday, April 16, 2006


Hey check it out, it's another ignorant twit who would rather bitch first then actually read what she's concerned about. I hate it when this type of crap happens. Now I know that she could just have easily seen the movies of it but based on her oppinion of the books what do you think the likely hood of that is? Probably saw one trailer and that's it, she's off on a tirade. However, you do have to respect one thing. She is taking responsibility as a parent to monitor what her kids watch and read. Although she herself is a little misguided. She probably just refused to explain the difference between fantasy and reality to her kids, or perhaps she doesn't even know herself. I know that the whole fantasy/reality can be a little bit of a pain in the but for kids. I have a friend who's child had difficulties distinguising between them and it caused some problems like the kid stole all his moms jewelery because he thought he was a hobbit and had to protect them. But you see if you don't explain stuff like that to the kids early on then eventually they will expose themselves to fantasy later and be forced to deal with the issue then. The mother is only delaying the inevitable. It would make the kids less messed up if she discussed the matter with them in their child years and thus impressionable. Instead she is just breading ignorance, and we all know how the world could use more of that.


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