Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So Here's the thing...

I'm gonna actually use this bloody blog page now. I mean why not? Although nobody really reads it now, eventually someone might and when that happens it could be fun :p. My last post was in april. So a new post is long overdue. Especially since important stuff has happened since. My wife and I are pregnant now. And along those lines I now understand why people say "we" when they say "We are pregnant." So far it's taken alot of work on my part. Sure SHE is the one who is actually pregnant and is going through all the changes but I have to take care of her and make sure she is a comfortable as possible and that she has all that she needs. The first trimester involves alot of hormonal changes so there can be mood swings, which she is controlling very well by the way, and she is fatigued all the time and is perpetually queezy and can't be around things that smell. So I'm taking care of as much cleaning and cooking as possible. I don't mind a bit really because she's carrying the critter and I want everything to go as smoothly as it can. Also, my pet rat Rosemary died. She was pretty special so that was tough. She left her sister Honeydew with us though so that is gonna be one spoiled rat. I sent my laptop off for repairs and it's finally back and working finally, although it will probably heat up again and cause the same problem as before. But then when it's sent away I'll be able to get a new laptop from the store because of it's leamon policy. I forget if I've mentioned this before but I have a graphic arts diploma and I finally wana get into the field which means that I have to have a good portfolio so I'm working on that. Also I really have to update my website making skills cause all I know is html and that just wont cut it. I think that's it for now. I'll be posting more offten even if it's just some odd stuff I've found on the net.


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