Saturday, October 09, 2004

That damn summer job

I thought the whole thing was over. No more stupid ideas and dangerous work environments. I was wrong. The accountant, that is outsourced so not actually a part of the staff, miscalculated how long I worked. Firstly, the first 3 checks I got were wrong. She forgot to take off enough tax or put too much on. We got our tax information on sticky notes. For some reason she felt that she had enough authority to tell us how to do our job. The twit can't count I swear. I haven't worked there since August and finally they decided to phone me to say that they miscalculated and I owe them 11 hours. What the hell? Suck it up! It was their mistake not mine. I was released from my contract and therefor not responsible to do anything for them anymore. What a stink face. That accountant is crooked. I wouldn't be supprised if she is stealing money. The boss has absolute trust in her so much that she doesn't even check the numbers herself or even go over the results. She just signs the checks and hands em out.