Wednesday, October 26, 2005

well I'm pretty sure I'm dead :p Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!

Well. After having read may of H.P. Lovecraft's stories and also having recently finished another collected works book, I found myself in chapters looking for a new one. Unfortunatly they were out of more Lovecraft. I said "No problem, I'm a lover of fantasy and history. I'll just find a new book there." Well damn it if I didn't look for over a hour to find something remotly interesting to no avail. Wow vampires... as if that isn't an over done theme. Swords, magic, and avarice? Nah, after a while they're pretty much the same. Although it is hard to tell the quality from the cover and the short clip at the back. And as an aside... You know what? I really hate when the back of a book has reviews of the book instead of the synopsis. I don't give a fuck what some ahole from some stupid newspaper thinks. What is the damn book about?!.. Bastards. Anyway... So I go to history of which Chapters lacks anything worth reading. I can't find anything that I want to read. As if I had already read the best stories words had to offer and might as well give up reading cause I'll never find anything as good. Luckly an attendant told me that they did have some copies of more Lovecraft books that I haven't read but they couldn't find them. However, they did manage to find an "inspired by..." type of book called "Children of Cthulhu". Basically it's a collection of stories written by authors who were inspired by Lovecraft. I already have one of those but this was a new one. I bought it and hoped that it was acceptable. I told the people at chapters to keep looking cause soon enough I'll be back in looking for those other books and you don't want to get a horror fan mad. :P

Do you jog?

What movitates you to jog? Personally I hate jogging, it's so damn boring. I've got ADD and can't concentrate on anything let alone... oh wow look... a car went by my house infront of my window... agian...So, what was I saying? Oh ya, I dislike jogging so I need imput on what you people do to get yourself up in the morning to jog or in the evening or whenever you do it. Keep in mind I don't have the room in my house for machinery let alone the hundreds of dollares required to buy it. Just plain old jogging. Music maybe? Wait no... Cd's skip. And I can't afford an ipod or some other mp3 mini thing player. I've really got to get the dicipline in to do this crap. I think the hardest part is keeping with the routine after two weeks. Cause then I burn out and I don't want to do it anymore. My brain is too smart for me. That bastard can come up with many excuses... pardon me... reasons...not to jog a particular day. "I've got no time today I gotta work and when I get home it'll be too late and you'll be too tired." "You should probably get the dishes done first and clean the house before you work on yourself, It'll help both you and your wife out." "You jogged yesterday and deserve a break." "But the gms are holding a once in a lifetime quest in Ultima Online that you just can't miss." "Man that spider on the ceiling is funny." "Wee, sleep. That's where I'm a viking." etc... I could probably do something like hit myself with a phonebook 10 times really hard if I miss jogging that day. However, that's stupid and I'd probably out think myself to not do it anyway. As I've said my brain is tricky. Maybe I'll go stab it with a Q-tip. Anyway ideas would be nice.