Thursday, September 23, 2004

This is a picture I drew of a guy at Pennsic Posted by Hello

Friday, September 17, 2004

F-ing university

My stupid university screwed me again. I went in to pay for my tuition last tuesday. I wrote out the check and gave it to the guy who then after typing in all my check info said that I now had been de-registered and have to re-register for all of my classes. I then tried to get into those classes again but they are all full. So I gave them money for nothing. No classes and no services. Not only that, but if I can't get into classes than my loans will go into repayment and the University won't pay for my laptop. I talked to pretty much every authority figure in the whole stinking place and they can't do anything. I got no notification that I would be de-registered by a certain date. I had already bought all my books. I had also started to prestudy for my classes. I was really hoping to start a year there without any problems but they had to mess that up. I finally after a week was able to resiter for the only few classes that remained. Kinda like having leftovers. In either case my university really let me down and have been for the last three years. I really want them to do something to make me feel better about why the heck i'm there instead of some other university which might treat me better.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Look at how lazy I am. This is the unbelted champions battle. All those guys in the red with the white border are my team and they are out waiting for the battle to start. I'm sitting this one out resting on a hay bail. I'm actually waiting for my turn. I could have been sitting under the sunshade with the rest of the REALLY lazy people. :P Posted by Hello

Oldest condoms ever.

ic NorthWales - Sheathed in history

The oldest condoms in history. They are huge. Apparently men have always liked to exagerate their size. Although I don't.

Sweet pussy

Becca and I are thinking of buying a cat. Unfortunatly I have allergies to some cats, so now everytime we go to shop for a cat I have to rub my face on it to see if I react. There is nothing worse than being stuck with an animal you're allergic to. Becca sujested getting a hairless cat like Mr. Bigglesworth but I really don't want to be petting something that looks like a swollen ball sac with eyes. hairless guiney pigs are even worse... Have you seen those things. That is a gross critter. Undead freekin guiney pigs. Anyway, we were thinking of going to the used pet store to adopt a cat so that we know it's attitude before we buy. The only thing worse than being stuck with a cat you're allergic to is being stuck with one that you're allergic to AND is the living devil. My grandparent's cat has the worst attitude ever. That bloody thing hates everybody. One time I went to give it a treat, I sat down with my palm flat out with the treat and I wasn't moving. The cat came over, sniffed the treat and ate it. The second the little shit was done it put it's ears back, hissed, and hit me with it's paws. I tell you it's an evil bugger. I don't want that kind of cat. I still think pet rats are way better, they just need a longer life span. There is this kind of rat that I've been looking at called an african pouch rat. They are huge. They are between 13 and 17 inches. Any pet ideas?

Friday, September 03, 2004

My Summer Job

My summer job at the museum has been one adventure after the other. For the most part my activities revolved around waiting for my boss to do more stupid things. She is the strangest person that I've met.

1) She smells. She has an aura of stench that follows her everywhere. She can really stink up the room. One of the other chick employes in the museum litterally almost threw up after having been in a room that the boss just left. I really don't think that she bathes much

2) She might have 3 pairs of clothes. I don't mind if maybe she interchanged the three shirts but she wears one for a few days then the other. She's got a nasty plaid one, a blue shirt with a fish print, and another one that I can't recall right now. The one day I came to work and the dark blue fish one was covered in cat prints. I told her about it and she said that it was raining and that the cats jumped up on her after being outside then in the litterbox. Most people I know would change their shirt if a cat with dirty feet (water mud and cat shit) trampled their shirt.

3) We were changing the light bulbs upstairs and we brought the burnt out ones downstairs so we could throw them out but the boss stopped us and told us not to throw them out because we could use them for a kid's craft to make maracas. Is it my imagination or is that dangerous.

4) She watered down the soap in the liquid soap in the bathroom. We have a massive tub to refill the bottles with but instead she waters the soap down. One of the employees brought liquid soap from home for her personal use but the boss watered that down aswell. We kept monitoring how much she would water it down and soon enough there was no soap left and it was all water.

5) She didn't want to buy ice for a large BBQ event we were running and she also didn't want to use tap water to make ice. She told us to freeze the water from the dehumidifiers for ice. I've even seen some sort of grey fungus goop floating in that crap.

6) At that BBQ a hotdog had fallen on the ground (grass and dirt, not inside) and had been there for about 1-2 min before the boss saw it. She came by and said that it would be a shame for it to go to waste so she picked it up and ate it. I don't care how much catsup you put on it, that's gross.

7) She has a bottle of sherry in her office at work. One time on a tuesday I told her that we were out of writable cds and she said that she would pick them up because it was on the way to the beer store and she needed to restock anyway.

8) She refused to buy safety equipment for us to work. We were working with artifacts that have mold, bacteria, possible disease, and upstairs there is lead paint chips all over the floor. We were not given WHIMIS training. She keeps axes and sharp objects in the children's area. She told me that when children get hurt it's how they learn to not do things, which is true. But, when it happens in your business you get your ass sued off for not keeping that crap out of reach.

This is just some of the "Fun" that I had this summer.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

First Post

This is Becca making Drews first post in his blog... I feel honoured!