Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Year off

Well I've been taking this year off school to regroup and form a tactical plan, durring which there are things that I must do before I can go back and just like everything else I must wait past the extent of my patience before I can get any progress. At this point it seems likely that I'll have to take an additional year off unless things pick up. I'm thinking of trying to start up a webcomic of my own soon. Problem is deciding on a specific style for what I want. I've got some ideas and some sketches but I'm not entirly satisfied with any of them. It's difficult to simplify your art style to create something that is fast enough to make so that it can be done either daily, biweekly, or whatever, but also having a style that looks good enough according to your tastes. At this point I'm pretty much teaching myself. It works but it's slow going. I need something like back in the Burlington art centre where they've got models to draw every two days. Stuff like that costs money though. In order to get anywhere in life alot of money has to be "invested" in classes. Damn it.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Attainable New Years Resolutions 2006

1 Eat 10 hotdogs in one sitting
2 File my taxes as early as possible ( to get my refund)
3 Get the Cthulhu game when it comes out on PC
4 Read a book
5 Watch all the seasons of next generation ( not necisarily in a row)
6 Eat the colour purple
7 Get to work early ... at least once
8 Go on a fun roadtrip of no less than 100km
9 Watch the Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe ( Maybe I can count this as reading a book since it's based on a book?)
10 Draw a picture
11 Get out to Fight practice
12 Become Chaotic good ( In my D&D campaign)
13 Sleep in on a Sunday
14 Go on Vacation to some place hot and all inclusive
15 Pet a duck