Monday, May 23, 2005

Toast to the Bride.

Ok here is the toast I gave to becca, my bride, durring our recption at out wedding.

One thing I thought last night, (Well Thursday night when I was writing the speech) was that we have only really spent six years together in which we have enjoyed every second and endeavoured to make each day better then the next. But, when I think that we will spend the rest of our lives together I am humbled to imagine that those great days will pale in comparison to the decades of joy that have yet to come. Two souls (lives) intertwined progressively growing more beautiful and strong. Some may say that marriage always come with it’s own challenges to overcome, but I say that as long as I have Rebecca by my side there is nothing that we cannot conquer. If you can imagine two people back to back on the ground who need to stand up without using their hands, they press against each other to rise just as we must press even closer together in the face of a challenge. My love… My life. Please all raise your glass to the bride.

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