Thursday, November 11, 2004

Dreams and stuff, well.... just dreams.

I've been told I have some pretty strange dreams. Anyone else have strange dreams. Lets see how yours compare to this one. You know how some people envision monsters in the basement. Like, when your a kid and you run back up stairs from the basement because you feel as though there is something following you. Also, when your in the basement and you keep checking behind you when no one else is there. It has something to do with poor lighting I'm told and that they are not designed specifically for comfort. Anyway, last night.... I dreamt... that..... I.... WAS one of those monsters in the basement. I crept up behind people and creeped them out. I chased little kids up stairs, and I made things as freaky as possible. I had my own hidden chamber branched off from the hallway. It was inaccessible to creatures other than myself because it was a separate invisible dimension. In the Storage room I hid behind boxes so that people couldn't see me. I reached my hand out to touch people on the shoulder only to bring it back quickly before they turn around to look. It was great fun. So, in my experience, monsters in the basement just play games, it's all in fun. They are teasing because they live there and don't really have much to do other than that. Sorta like when you tease your brother or sister because there's nothing better to do.

Has anyone had any strange dreams like that. Maybe if you top me I'm gonna have to top you with some other strange ones I've had. Hehe

Laptop - craptop

The AC plugin thingy on my laptop for some reason broke. Basically, when I plug it in, it doesn't register as being plugged in and so the battery doesn't charge. I sent it in to Best Buy for repair. After 3 hours I found out that it's still covered under the laptop manufacturer's warranty. I sent it in. They had to replace the motherboard. Two weeks later they said they would sent it back to me on Tuesday. On Thursday I called and they told me that they sent it out on Thursday at 2pm. So now I have to wait some more, even though for the past few days I've been sitting at the window waiting for the Fedex guys to come. I wish crabs upon them all.