Thursday, June 23, 2005

play Ultima Online for FREE!!!!

Finally there is a way to play the best online rpg for free. Here are the steps.
First you must have the game client installed pretty much any version, either from a download place or from your cd. If you don't have it you can easily find a bit torrent of it from or you could download a 15 day free version from I'm not sure what happens after the 15 days but it looks like the full version. Maybe it stops working I dunno I just got both to be sure. Now, once you have the game installed get the program UOgateway from here that gateway program can connect you to hundreds of free "shards" developed by players. Some have been modified with more fun stuff than the game came with. For the top 100 best shards, go here I'm currently trying out two of them. The Obsidian shard is really cool, it lets you start with 250 points to distribute and has the ability to increase the maximum skill cap so you can go over 700. Unfortunatly it has a low population of players that will increase soon I hope. But PLENTY of houseing space for cheap. You can get your castle for like 300k Instead of like 35 mil. :P their specific website is here the other place I'm trying is here I'm hoping it has more people and still room for houses. Anyhoo I really hope to see you playing. If you do decide to try it out let me know and we can play togeather. Also let me know if you're having problems with the instructions on how to get in.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My Main Website is Updated

I couldn't sleep at all last night so I decided to update my other website, the good one with all the pictures.

I added a few more things to the art page. I deleted the restricted page and changed the journal page into a link to this blog. Makes sense right? Also I added two new essays, one on the Hannibal in the punic wars, and one concerning the curse on the line of Tantalus in Greek Mythology. Also I changed a few things in the about me part, cause it needed doing. Check em out. :)

Monday, June 13, 2005

Zombie Reality TV

heh, this movie is pretty funny. bout pranks and zombies. It's all good.